2022 japan international weldingshow

2024.4.24(Wed) - 4.27(Sat)
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2024 International Welding Show The show will be held in Osaka on the largest scale ever

 The call for exhibitors for the 2024 International Welding Show, which will be held in Osaka for the first time in eight years, closed on October 31. With approximately 300 exhibitors, this year’s show will be the largest ever held in Osaka, surpassing the previous show held in 2020, which was canceled due to the Corona disaster.

 The show will be held under the theme of “New Trends in Welding, Joining, and Cutting Connecting People, Culture, and Technology,” and will serve as an opportunity to showcase a variety of products as answers to recent social needs and issues in the industrial world, as well as a place where the importance and interest of welding and joining technology can be widely recognized not only in the industrial world but also in the general public. The expectations for the show are increasing day by day as a place where the importance and interest of welding and joining technology can be widely recognized not only by the industry but also by the general public.

 This year’s event will feature the “Welding and Joining Fun Pavilion” and the “National High School Student Welding Simulator Competition (High School Student VR/AR Welding King!),” both of which are unique to the Kansai region. and a variety of other events for young people, including the general public, high school and university students, will be held to liven up the show.

 The show will also boast the largest scale exhibition of thermal processing lasers in Japan, with more than 25% of all products exhibited being laser-related, and a lineup of major Japanese manufacturers of 3D printers, including Nikon, DMG MORI and NTT Data XAM Technologies all of which are in the news.

 Furthermore, new exhibitors accounted for about 25% of the total number of exhibitors, and the show is expected to be a very active one.

 Of course, the show is expected to be very exciting, with many products on display that address issues surrounding the welding industry, such as labor shortages and carbon neutrality. The “Laser Processing Forum” and “3D Printer Forum,” which organically combine product exhibits and lectures at the venue, are also expected to draw attention, and we look forward to next spring’s show as soon as possible.